Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Candidate applying for admission to B.A. Regular (Pass Course) 1st year should opt for two Core Course Subjects (Core I subject will be considered for degree name) from the following combinations:

Core Course ICore Course II (Any One)
EconomicsEnglish/Geography/ Mathematics / Physical Education/Political Science/ Sanskrit
EnglishEconomics/Geography/ History/ Music (Vocal /Inst.) /Physical Education/Political Science
GeographyEconomics/English/Hindi/History/ Mathematics/Pol. Science
HindiEconomics / Geography/ History/Music (Vocal /Inst.) / Physical Education
HistoryEnglish/ Geography / Hindi/ Music (Vocal /Inst.)/Physical Education/Sanskrit
Music (Vocal /Inst.)English/ Hindi/History/ Political Science/Sanskrit
Physical EducationEconomics/English/ Hindi/ History/ Sanskrit
Political ScienceEconomics/English/ Geography /Music (Vocal /Inst.)/ Sanskrit
SanskritEconomics /History/ Music (Vocal /Inst.)/Physical Education/Political Science
MathematicsEconomics/ Geography