College Dues and Rules

Annual Charges (Government Account Fees)

Admission/Re-Admission FeeRs.25.00
Re-Admission Fee First limeRs.100.00
Re-Admission Fee Second TimeRs.200.00
Late Admission FeeRs.10.00 per day
Tuition FeesRs.50.00 (Per Month)
Late payment of dues (per day)Rs.1.00
University Dev. Fund (HPU charges) (For 1st year only)Rs.250.00 (Annual)
University Dev. Fund (IRDP/BPL) candidates (HPU charges) (For 1st year only)Rs.100.00 (Annual)

College Monthly Charges

Amalgamated FundRs.25.00
Sports FundRs.20.00
Building FundRs.10.00
Physics Practical FeeRs.20.00
Chemistry Practical FeeRs.20.00
Botany Practical FeeRs.20.00
Zoology Practical FeeRs.20.00
Geography Practical FeeRs.15.00
Rovers & Rangers FundRs.05.00
Computer Practical (Commerce) StudentsRs.15.00
Absence Fine (per period)Rs.1.00
Absence Fine (per practical)Rs.3.00
Late Return of Library BooksRs.1.00 per day
House Examination FeeRs.40.00 per semester
Music Practical FeeRs.15.00
Physical Education Practical FeeRs.15.00

College Annual Charges

Library security (refundable)Rs.100.00 (only 1st Year)
House Examination FundRs.80.00
Medical FundRs.06.00
Campus Development FundRs.10.00
Bookrepair/Replacement FundRs.25.00
Furniture repair/replacement FundRs.10.00
Identity CardRs.10.00
Duplicate Identity CardRs.20.00
Magazine FundRs.50.00
N.C.C. FundRs.10.00
Student Aid FundRs.2.00
Cultural Activity FundRs.20.00
Computer & Internet FacilityRs.20.00
Red Cross Society FundRs.40.00
Youth welfare Fee (HPU charges)Rs.15.00
Holiday Home Fee (HPU charges)Rs.02.00
Sport Fee (HPU charges)Rs.15.00
Cont. Fee (HPU charges) (For 2nd & 3rd yr students)Rs.10.00
PTA FundRs.500.00