Discipline and Conduct Rules

All students/parents are advised to read the instructions given in the Prospectus carefully as ignorance about the rules will not be excused on their part.

  1. Smoking inside and outside the college is strictly prohibited. A student found indulging in act of smoking will be imposed penalty of Rs. 500/-and even may face disciplinary action.
  2. When inside the campus or in the class, keep your cell phones on switch off/ silent mode.
  3. Crowding, standing in corridors is not allowed.
  4. Only those activities/ functions will be allowed to be held in the college campus/ground/hall which are either organized by or have been given permission by the college authority.
  5. Sticking unauthorized posters/notices, writing on walls is strictly prohibited. Fine may be imposed for such act(s).
  6. Outsiders are not allowed in the college. A student who brings an outsider in the campus will be penalized as permissible under college rules.
  7. Every student must carry his/her Identity Card issued by the collage. Students without Identity Cards are deemed as outsiders.
  8. Any act performed by the student that amounts to indiscipline will be dealt strictly.
  9. All students are directed to read the notices thoroughly which are displayed exclusively on the College Notice Board every day and to do the needful accordingly.
  10. Scribbling/writing anything on the blackboard, on furniture and walls etc. is a part of indiscipline.
  11. The acts such as to any meeting/function/party and to take any photographs in the premises of the college without prior permission of the Principal also lead to indiscipline.
  12. Students should not temper with the college property such as electric points/toilet water fittings etc. anywhere in the college campus.
  13. Using foul language with any student, teacher or any other employee of the college shall be viewed seriously.