Allstudents are advised to read the instructions given intheprospectus carefully as
ignoranceaboutthe ruleswill notbeanexcuse ontheir part.
2. Itismandatoryforeverystudenttomaintainstrict discipline within thecollegecampusaswellas
outsidethe college. Eachcaseof indisciplinewill bedealtwithstrictly.
3. 75% attendance of lectures in each course,Bothin theory andpracticalseparately,is
compulsoryfor makingcandidate eligibleforEndSemesterIAnnualExaminations.
4. Smoking insidethe collegeCampusisstrictlyprohibited. Astudentfoundindulginginactof
smokingwillbeimposedpenallyofRs.500/-orevenmayfaceexpulsion ofrusticationfromthecollege.
5. While inside the campus or inthe class, keepyour cell phones onswitch off/silent mode.
6. The use of cell phone is strictly prohibited inside the classroom andany breach of
conductwill resultinthe confiscationofthe cell phone.
7. Ragginginsideoroutsidecollege isStrictly bannedbylaw.
8. CrowdingI standing incorridors isnotallowed.
9. Onlythose functionswill beallovvedto be held inthe college campus I groundI hallwhich are either
organized byor have been given permission bythe college authority.
10. Sticking unauthorized posters I notices, writing on walls is strictly prohibited. Fine may be
imposedfor suchacts.
11. Outsiders are not allowed in thecollege. Astudentwhobringsanoulsiderinthecampuswill be
penalizedaspermissibleundercollege rules.
12. All the students arerequiredtoreadthenotices thoroughlywhicharedisplayed onthe college
notice boardeveryday and dothe needfulaccordingly.
13. Toremove or breakthe furniture,windowpanes,to pluckflowers, to remove notices,etc. are also
a breach of discipline.

Students should not tamper withtheelectricalfittings,water fitting,etc.,inside andoutside the
class rooms and anywhere intheCollege campus.
15. Usingfoul languagewith anystudent,teacheroranyemployee ofthe collegeshall beviewed seriously.
1. Everystudent must carry his/heror her Identity Cardofthe college.
2. Ineventofinspectionof Identitycardduringsurprisecheckorforanyotherreason, if the student
isunableto producetheIdentitycardhe/shewillbehandedover to the policeor as thesituation
maydemand. Students without Identity cards are deemed as outsiders.
3. The student should always carry hisI her Identity card before enteringthe college premises.